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Terms of Service

User (“You”) and LLC (“Blikken Hut”), a Virginia company, agree to the following Terms of Service in using Blikken Hut’s booking portal. 


  1. Blikken Hut’s Services

    1. Blikken Hut provides users with (1) space rentals directly and through third party providers via its booking platform; (2) event RSVP for third party events via its booking platform; and (3) business directory services. 

  2. Representations and Warranties

    1. Blikken Hut represents and warrants that 

      1. All properties and vendors represented on its website are independent third parties who have affirmatively represented that they are properly licensed, operational, and valid businesses.

    2. All other warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed. 

  3. User’s Obligations

    1. User bears the obligation to observe all rules and regulations concerning any events or spaces that User ultimately books or otherwise patronizes.

    2. User shall remit all necessary payments associated with their use of Blikken Hut’s services. 

    3. User shall provide all required information relevant for their activities where necessary. Such information may include name, address, or payment information as applicable.

  4. Limitation of Blikken Hut’s Obligations

    1. Blikken Hut has no obligation concerning the upkeep, security, or oversight of the properties or events hosted on its website.

    2. Blikken Hut may terminate your account in the event that you are found to be harassing, abusive, or otherwise uncooperative with its hosts. 

    3. Return of funds for any cancellations of events or rentals booked through Blikken Hut’s website shall be pursued as against the event or rental host and not through Blikken Hut.

  5. Nondisclosure

    1. Neither Party may disclose the information obtained based on their relationship without the express written consent of the other. 

  6. User’s Right to Privacy

    1. Blikken Hut’s privacy statement is found here

  7. Indemnity

    1. User, acknowledging that Blikken Hut does not provide assurances or guarantees. 

    2. User agrees to indemnify Blikken Hut from all harm or claims arising from User’s use of Blikken Hut’s services.

    3. All liability related to health, safety, or monetary harm is recognized as between User and the event or rental host.

  8. Intellectual Property

    1. Intellectual property found on Blikken Hut’s website is the property of the Party that it is intended to represent. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the intellectual property found on Blikken Hut’s website is prohibited. 

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