Terms of Service Agreement

This Agreement is by and between BLIKKENHUT.COM LLC (herein "Blikken Hut", a Virginia limited liability company, and you, the member, (therein "Customer"). 

WHEREAS, Blikken Hut provides services (herein "Membership Services") to match persons and businesses to owners and operators of facilities, groups or activities, (herein "Users"); and

WHEREAS, Customer desires to take advantage of Blikken Hut's Membership Services offering,

NOW, THEREFOR, this Agreement provides the following:

1. Customer engages the services of Blikken Hut to be included in its inventory of Membership Services and/or use such Membership Services.

2. Customer agrees to pay Blikken Hut a membership fee. The Membership Services may vary and certain Membership Services may be subject to additional fees. Certain Membership Services may also be subject to additional legal terms and conditions, which will be provided to you when you decide to use that Membership Service. The Membership Services do not include any services offered by third-parties.

3. Blikken Hut will take responsibility to coordinate referral of the prospective User to the Customer and Customer will thereafter undertake to schedule the activity directly with the User, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

4. The parties acknowledge that Blikken Hut's sole and absolute responsibility is to make the match and referral, not to perform scheduling or any other arrangements associated with the subsequent activities. Blikken Hut makes no representation regarding the User and the activity.

5. Customer acknowledges that Blikken Hut will have a myriad of potential customers, some whom may be in direct or indirect competition with Customer. While Blikken Hut may make some limited evaluation of a potential match between User and a Customer, Blikken Hut ordinarily will not favor one customer over another.

6. Upon request Customer will provide Blikken Hut with any Rules and Regulations maintained by Customer and keep Blikken Hut advised of any changes thereto.

7. Customer agrees to adhere strictly to any and all laws applicable to Customer activity, including but not limited to prohibitions against discrimination.

8.Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Blikken Hut harmless from any damage or loss created by this Agreement unless the same is directly due to the negligent act of Blikken Hut. Such includes but is not limited to attorney fees.

9.This agreement shall be interpreted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and any litigation involving this Agreement and/or the relationship formed hereby shall be Clarke County, Virginia.