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Am I a blogger? I guess so. Am I working on a podcast? Isn't everyone? Do I make fairly ridiculous videos and splatter them all over social media? Yup. Proof of all of the above can be found at as well as Insta and FB. I own The Red Herd. MaryLu, Hobie, and little Spike. They're cowy and cool and the best thing about me. Together we wonder how the cowgirls, cowboys, ranchers, farmers, and country folk seem to be the hippies of our time. We're the counter culture. We explore that concept on all of our social media accounts, looking at culture and lifestyle with a thoughtful, but mostly light, heart. Examples: "How did so much hay manage to get in my pants/underwear/bra/hair/eye?" and sharing our love of the muddy season (not really- mud sucks and we all know it). We don't really have anything to sell right now. Instead, we invite you to join the discussion. All it costs is a like, follow, or subscribe. So check your cinch, push the button link thingy, and let's ride.

ChiChi McGiggles

ChiChi McGiggles

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